About Me

Patricia Bubash received her M.Ed. in Counseling from the University of Missouri, St. Louis. Working with students and families has been her true calling for over thirty years. For more than twenty years she has presented workshops at the community college on a variety of topics relating to parenting issues, self-esteem, children and divorce, and, currently, Successful Second Marriages.

Patricia speaks from personal experience when addressing the issues of divorce and remarriage. As her grown daughters will attest, she was the “token” divorcee in their neighborhood. Living in a community of all “marrieds” only sensitized her to her own marital position: divorced! She wanted to share a life such as that of her peers, friends, and relatives, a home with a husband. She did not rush into a second marriage, but even six years did not prepare her for bringing together “his” and “hers.” The marriage did not last long enough to celebrate a four year anniversary. Patricia admits that both she and her ex husband did everything wrong.

It is from this painfully emotional experience, along with working with families that the idea for writing about remarriage evolved. The focal point: successful second marriages. As she so keenly knows, it is no easy task to maintain a second union, and those who stay in for the long haul deserve praise.

Along with her writing, Patricia volunteers with local tutorial groups in elementary schools, the USO, and Angels Arms, a group home for foster children. She and her husband, a wonderful third, are celebrating twenty-three years of marriage. Traveling and grandchildren are of high importance in their lives. Another book is in the process, “What behavior of your spouse drives you up a wall and rubs you wrong” A question for both husbands and wives. All examples welcome!

Patricia is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Missouri.
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